Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ningbo Traditional Snacks @ Gangyagou - 缸鸭狗

Even though it may not be on the list of a tourist from outside China, Ningbo certainly has many things to offer. Known as the "Yong Cuisine", the Ningbo's seafood style is a must try for someone who is visiting Ningbo. But what many dont really know is that Ningbo is actually also famous for its snacks as well.

To taste the best snack Ningbo can offer, one must go to this particular restaurant call 缸鸭狗 (Gang Ya Gou), loosely translate to "Cylinder Duck Dog". Dont ask me why it is named like that. 

Nevertheless, the restaurant is definitely popular with the Chinese. The branch, which is located in Ningbo Tianyi Square, is packed with people all the time. It didnt takes us long to make our order (my travelmate has everything written down in advance) and our order comes soon after.

Ningbo Tangyuan

Ningbo tangyuan is slightly different from the usual tangyuan that we have in Malaysia. I went thru the net and found out that they actually put grounded sesame seed with sugar into the middle part of tangyuan. A simple recipe but definitely make it taste nice....

Crystal Pao

I cant remember exactly how this crystal pao is different from the usual pao that we usually eat. Let me refresh my memory first. If I can remember, I would edit this page and tell you more about it.

Fried Muaci

Another snack that is different from the usual stuff that we ate in Malaysia. Muaci is being rolled into a ball before it is being deep fried. Tasty as well...

Muaci with sprinkle of seaweed

Slightly more tradition but with the seaweed twist, the taste is totally different.

Green Tea Roll

The foods that we ordered was superb, except for the green tea roll for me as I was already full with the other food that I cant really enjoy it. I also cant remember the damage done but it is really worth it. 

I must thanks Jessy (my travelmate for the trip) for giving me the permission to use her photos here.

Gangyagou has a few branches around Ningbo and the easiest to find would definitely be the one in Ningbo Tianyi Square.

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