Monday, July 9, 2012

Klang's Unnamed Hainan Curry Rice Stall

This famous unnamed Hainan Curry Rice stall that is located behind Klang's old Cathay cinema. Well-known by the locals, this place attracts a big crowd particularly everyday.

The stall


For Hainan Curry Rice, the rice is usually served with the some curry gravy. While it is called curry, the taste is actually very mild and not really spicy. It still give your an aroma of the nice curry flavour. But if you don't like curry or don't like the curry gravy all over your rice, you can either ask the stall worker put it on another bowl just for you. I like the gravy over-flowing on my rice.

The curry rice, dishes and the soup

Serving together with the Hainan Curry Rice are a variety of dishes that customers can choose according to their liking. They have braised bean curd pork roll, braised pork meats, braised stuffed bean curd (tofu), braised hard-boiled eggs, tomato sauce fish and curry chicken. These dishes are usually cook fresh everyday.

keeping hot

My usual order

My usual lunch here would consist of braised bean curd pork roll, braised pork meats, braised stuffed bean curd and braised hard-boiled eggs, topping up with their tasty peppery soup of innards and pig's blood curd.

The soup with innards and pig's blood curd

The most awesome thing about eating Hainan Curry Rice here is that even by ordering so many dishes, it just cost me RM8.80 which include a glass of ice herbal tea. One word of caution, get yourself ready for the heat if you are going there on a sunny day. The heat would make you sweat a lot.

 The stall

Don't be fooled by the look. The food here is really awesome!

One last thing, they only open from morning until afternoon. Try to go there before 1pm. The earlier the better.

Address: Jalan Sena, Klang
GeoTag Location: 3.049733,101.447035

Monday, July 2, 2012

Nasi Lemak Pak Cik @ Restoran Elaango Klang

Introduced to me by a friend more than 10 years ago, this is a hidden gem known only to the locals, until now.

The nasi lemak stall has a very peculiar style. It only open from 11 am until 1 pm (2 hours of business hours only), maybe slightly later if there are customers around. 

Pak Cik preparing my nasi lemak

And because of this, the boss of this stall would have to work almost nonstop during his opening hours just to get a plate of nasi lemak to all his customers. 

The interior of Restoran Elaango

Now, about this nasi lemak. Like any other nasi lemak stall, you can get the usual nasi lemak or you can add anything there is to add, but the usual are chicken (ayam), cockle (kerang) or cuttlefish (sotong).

The nasi lemak with cuttlefish (nasi lemak sotong) is definitely the main attraction here and the customers love it. As far as I know, at least 7 of every 10 customers would actually order this. And from the first time I tasted it, I am "addicted".

The cuttlefish is cooked with Pak Cik's secret recipe, making its texture soft enough to bite thru easily. And with the nice hot fragrant rice plus all the other usual stuff, it is a taste that cannot be forget.

Nasi Lemak Sotong (something like a godsend for me)

The sotong is cooked to the just right texture

The presentation may not be the best but the taste is definitely heavenly

I have become a "devotee" for this nasi lemak sotong since the first time I had one. Nowadays, I would come to have my favourite nasi lemak sotong at least once every two weeks (due to health reason) but if you ask me to stop eating it altogether, I would rather die than doing that. No one can stand between me and this nasi lemak sotong.

Pak Cik packing nasi lemak for customers even after the stall is closed. Customers couldn't take no for an answer.

EDITED: forgotten to add the address for the Restaurant Elaango where you could find this nasi lemak. Well, here it is: No. 232, Kawasan 17, Batu 2, Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor.

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