Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Aaron Cafe @ Taman Melawis, Klang

This "cafe" is not your ordinary cafe. It does serve coffee but the main attraction here is not the coffee.

Aaron Cafe is more of a little restaurant but on the menu, there are only one general item, Char Kueh Teow or stir-fried ricecake strip. It is more popular among the older generation of Klang (I was introduced to this place by an ex-colleague's boss) but that does not means the younger generation don't know about it.

For me, once I tried it, I always tried to come back for more.

If you guys remember about the unnamed shop that served loh yee mee and red wine misua that was featured here in FoodHuntz (link here), Aaron Cafe is basically on the same row of shop, except that it is on the other side.

The whole shop consist of the boss and his two helpers.

As with any other char kueh teow shop, the boss allow you to choose how your meal is to be cook with. Basic ingredients includes prawns, cockles, bean sprouts, eggs and Chinese chives. You can tell the boss which ingredient you want and which ingredient you don't want and he would prepare it as how you wanted. Also, you can ask for different level of spiciness.

I usually ask for a plate without cockles and prawns and here is a look of my meal on my latest visit to Aaron Cafe.

While it maybe more "greasy" than usual, it is really yummy. I don't recommend you to come for it everyday but once in a while, it is definitely worth the visit.

Lintang Gangsa,
Taman Melawis,
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