Monday, August 13, 2012

Khuushuur @ Stupa Cafe, Ulanbaatar

Khuushuur (also read huushoor) is another nice food to try when you are in Mongolia. It is basically fried pancake stuffed with bits of mutton and onions. Another option would be vegetarian khuushuur which use more type of vegetables  (like carrots, potatoes and onions) as its main ingredients.

Here is how a khuushuur (vegetarian) looks like.

Here is how the inside looks like.

My take on it? Nice (minus the greasiness)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Airag @ Ulanbaatar, Mongolia

Hi guys.

Just got back from Mongolia and I found something special to share with you.

What you see in the above photo is a bowl of milk. It is not your usual milk and you can't find it in any other part of the world. Just in Mongolia and during summer.

As with the title, it is call airag or fermented horse (mare) milk. It is Mongolia's national drink and definitely an acquired taste as it is damn sour. If you are going to Mongolia and wish to try when you are there, do prepare yourself by getting accustomed to sour milk. If you didnt prepare yourself, the first time that you drink it, you might have diarheaa until your stomach get used to it.

Also, please be advise that even with the assurance of the seller that it is just milk, it would have abit of alcohol content in it (I guess it was due to the fermentation process). The alcohol content would usually be lower than beer. Still, if you can't drink, better don't try.

Video of me drinking airag -

Yes, that's me drinking airag. Sorry I was speaking in Hokkien in the video. I was saying "horse's milk. I am drinking".
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