Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Daothiam, Central Hat Yai, Thailand

Sorry guys for lack of updates.

Anyway, here is one from my recent trip to Hat Yai, Thailand. Remembering how I couldn't really find good breakfast on my first trip, I made an extra effort to search the internet for info. I came across the name of a restaurant that somehow got good recommendations from others and decided to try it out.

The name of the restaurant is Daothiam. It is located just across Odean Shopping Mall in Central Hat Yai, a must go place for street foods, shopping and stay.

Here is how the shop looks like from the front.

We went there for breakfast (actually more of a brunch as we woke up quite late) and there aren't many customers around. We sat at one part of the restaurant and in no time, the staff provide us with the menu. It may not be the friendliest restaurant here in Hat Yai, but it is definitely worth it.

Here is a look of the interior of the restaurant.

If you notice, there are alot of frames hanging around and if you look closely, they are frames of money notes from all over the world. Either the owner travel alot or they are given by customers who has been here before.

We ordered three dishes.

Chicken in Basil leaves with rice. The taste is pretty good and we love how they use the teriyaki sauce to cook the tender chicken. And the basil leaves gave us that extra nice taste.

We also ordered my favourite pineapple fried rice and it definitely taste better than those I tasted in Malaysia. What makes it different is the addition of crushed peanut and the sweetness from the locally grown pineapple.

Every meal in Thailand would not be complete without a bowl of Tom Yum soup. The one that was served here are slightly different from the other two that we tried but nevertheless, still very delicious. It is not as spicy as the other two but the taste are exquisite. We totally love the taste.

They also sell snacks but we didn't have the chance to try them. Maybe you can try and let us know how it taste like.

looks like gingerbread characters

Nevertheless, we totally recommend this place to anyone who is going to Hat Yai. They open from 0700 to 2200.

79/3 Thammanoonvithi Rd., 
Hat Yai, Thailand
(opposite Odean Shopping Mall)
Tel: +66 74 243 268
GeoTag: 7.004289, 100.471094
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