Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kedai Kopi Lee Brothers

It has been a while since I last written a blogpost here. It has been a busy December for me, and lucky thing, we have Collin around to help introduce some nice foods.

Anyway, I am back to write some food review. Please be advise that even though I may not be writing any blog post here but that doesnt mean that I am not hardworking at hunting for nice food to be feature here.

So, here is my review for today.

One of the question that everyone would be asking everyday is that "what do you want to eat today?". Most of the time, the question would be asked either in the afternoon or evening. That is the main reason why we start this blog. To tell you where to find good food for lunch or dinner.

The place is actually one of the last place I would thought of finding good food. But after tasting the food, I realized I was wrong and I told myself that this is a place I must feature here.

The coffeeshop, Kedai Kopi Lee Brothers, doesnt look much. But the food they offer is something that is a must try.
Kedai Kopi Lee Brothers

Inside the coffeeshop

We ordered a total of three different dishes. First up, "wat tan hor", which has been a regular offering in Malaysian Chinese foodstall. Taste really nice, and I really like how the broth is being cooked. 

Another regular in a Malaysian Chinese foodstall is Singapore Meehoon which was our second order. I didnt managed to try it but my colleague said it taste nice as well.

Going thru the menu, I find something intriguing and I cant help myself but to order it. 

Marmite Fried Rice.

I find the taste of this marmite fried rice kinda sweet, which I like alot. It doesnt taste exactly like marmite but the fried rice smell good and judging by the number of order they received for this marmite fried rice, I believe that this is one of their signature dishes.

Kedai Kopi Lee Brothers
Jalan Bendehara 14,
Taman Sentosa,

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