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The Burger Shop, SS15 Subang Jaya

Hello people...

We know it has been quite a while since we posted something here. Not that we dont want to but it is abit hard for us to find time to write about new place to find fantastic food.

Okay... it is a lame excuse.

So, here are our latest review.

I got a header the other day when Rachel, posted on Facebook about this oblong burger that is so yummy. As a food hunter, my first reaction is to ask where is it.

The answer? SS15 Subang Jaya.

And two days afterward, we, fellow food hunterz, and another friend, WL, found ourselves here beside this van (yes, you read it right, van), ordering food from it.

Now, abit of introduction. The place that we are mentioning here is a van stall in SS15 Subang Jaya call The Burger Shop. They dare to call themselves the burger specialist and yes, they do live up to the name's standard.

The Burger Shop

The Burger Shop is run by three person, two guys and a lady. Operation hours is from 6.00pm to 4.30am (yes, you read it right again) and they have alot of variety for you to choose from. What's more, the actually have all the hotdog equivalent for their burgers apart from those specials.
Price list
The Kitchen
Chef in action, doing the split

First, I tried the highly recommended mushroom chicken burger.

When I first laid my eyes on it, I already know I am in for a treat and it definitely live up to my expectation. The mushroom gravy has black pepper in it but not overdone as one can still taste the sweetness of the mushroom and not forgetting the potato cubes that comes together. The chicken patty from the local-famous Ramly burger and the way it was cooked is as per the local's favourite, "the split" (I actually prefer it to be Butterfly but this does the same thing to the patty actually). So, what is my verdict? Very GOOD! Definitely a must-try.

Collin and WL ordered the Chicken Double Special and it does look yummy.
Chicken Double Special Burger

WL with his burger

Collin with his burger

When asking how they felt about it, Collin said it is definitely different from the McD's burger. He says it taste better. This is when I found out that Collin doesnt really ate much of burgers apart from McD. Sigh. He is missing out one of the pleasure of living in Malaysia. WL's commented that the different way of preparing the burger gave it a slight kick (the egg is put in between instead of wrapping around the patty) but it is just as good as the other Ramly burger.

Next up, the oblong mutton burger. What is this oblong burger anyway? Think McD's Prosperity Burger. The "bun" if you may call it, is long and the patty in place in between (duh) with alot of sliced tomatoes, onions and black pepper sauces. 

Yes, I went for a second serving as I have planned and this oblong mutton burger is big. The strong black pepper taste goes well with the two mutton patty which is juicy like crazy. If you really think about it, when was the last time you taste any mutton burger? That is what makes it special and what driven me to go for the second round.

Oblong Mutton Burger in the plastic wrapper
Inside the oblong burger
Me, biting into the oblong burger... not an easy task...

WL, feeling not full enough after the Double Special, went on to ordered a Cheese Hotdog soon after. It does look inviting but having two burgers already, I says, maybe next time. The Cheese hotdog come with once piece of cheese (duh) and I believe that that is what makes WL says that it taste better than the burger he took earlier.

Cheese Hotdog

Apart from the burgers and hotdogs, you can get drinks from them as well and to accommodate the customers, chairs are prepared for those that comes (So thoughtful of them).

The location of The Burger Shop? It doesnt hav address as it operate beside the road but If you could find the Subang Jaya Market, you can definitely find The Burger Shop.

The Burger Shop
Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya
Business Hour: 6.00pm to 4.30am
Closed on Sundays
GPS : N03"4.443' E101"35.251'

If you have any recommendation of where we could find good but inexpensive food, do let us know at foothuntz[at]

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