Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Herbal Soup and 麻辣 Soup @ Lorong Jelai, Klang

Something least expected happened today. A colleague brought me to a place that I least expected to find some delicious foods.

The stall is located in a housing area not that faraway from my office.

This home/stall sell some very nice noodles (mee, bihun, yee mee, pan mee and such) but what makes it stood out is the soup base they are using. They dont have the usual “clear-soup” (chicken or meat soup) or curry. Instead, they have the option of spicy soup (麻辣 read “ma la”) and herbal soup for us to choose from.

 Herbal Soup Yee Mee

This is what I had there. I would says the soup is really good.

 Ma La Soup Pan Mee

This is the famous Ma La Soup Pan Mee. My colleague ordered this. And being the curious food hunter that I am, I tried the soup. It is not as spicy as I thought but still over the limit for me. But then again, it does taste nice… making me thinking of trying it the next time.

 Herbal Soup Mee Hun Keh

Another colleague ordered this. Her comment was that the herbal soup is really good.

The best part of this lunch with my colleagues is how the one that brought us here actually ordered two bowl of the noodle (one Ma La and one herbal soup). He ate both and by the time we were on the way back, he could feel his tummy making noise and he just let it be… We had a good laugh about his facial expression. :P 

6, Lorong Jelai,
Taman Bayu Emas

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