Thursday, October 17, 2013

Little Wok Kitchen

Food Huntz was invited to review Cornery's gourmet popcorn so we decided to head to KL Festival City to pay Cornery a visit at their new branch. You can read my take on Cornery at the following link:

So after doing our food blogging stuff for Cornery, I decided to have a bite at...
My lunch venue.
The environment looked pretty nice and I didn't feel like having western at that time so this seemed like the perfect choice for lunch.

After what felt like centuries (I'm indecisive when it comes to food), I finally decided that I would have this for lunch. Looks really delicious and healthy. 
This is actually one of the set lunch in their menu.
Customer service was OK I suppose, nothing memorable. I didn't intend to blog about this restaurant at first as there was nothing about it that screamed "BLOGGING MATERIAL!". That is until my order came...
My "delicious" looking order.
one can see the shocking similarity with the picture in the menu immediately. The vegetable doesn't look too inviting and God only knows where the carrots and potatoes are. To top it all off the main dish looked liked it is served in a spittoon or some other sanitation device you see in a hospital's toilet. 

After digging in, I only discovered that the carrots and potatoes are actually camouflaged with the thick black gravy which also covers the entire chicken drumstick. I could not taste the natural sweetness from the 2 vegetables as the salty taste of the gravy was very overpowering. The only other taste I notice in the gravy is the hint of Chinese mushrooms. The soup was nothing to scream about as it was only chicken stock mixed with ajinomotto and spring onion. This entire meal cost me RM 20.80 (including taxes).

My verdict, if you are willing to spend RM20.80 on  a meal, I would STRONGLY suggest that you spend it somewhere else.


  1. omg!! can't see the chicken at all!! kena con d...

    1. Yes even I thought I got the wrong order until I took a closer look.


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