Monday, September 27, 2010

Turkish Pizza

I was very fortunate to be able to visit Turkey this year as a business trip and having a great local agent who love good foods is definitely a plus.

One of the local food that he actually introduce to me was the Turkish Pizza which locals call it pide (read pee-deh). This Turkish “pizza,” is widely enjoyed in Istanbul and has a very thin crust topped with minced meat, usually beef or lamb, which is mixed with a few spices and a hint of tomato.  The dish is served on wooden cutting boards topped with shredded romaine lettuce and a lemon wedge and the traditional way to enjoy this aromatic treat is to squeeze lemon juice over the greens, and fold the pizza in half before eating.

 They have a few variants and below is how two of it looks like.

I prefer the first, where eggs are added onto the top but both are very delicious. So, if you have the chance to actually go to Turkey or a Turkish restaurant locally, be sure to try this delicacy. I believe that you would not be disappointed.

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